Migration-related diversity today is marked by the multiple ways through which we differentiate migrants. Skilled, unskilled, young, old, first-generation, second-generation, temporary, mid-term, long-term, re-turn, circular, rich, poor, middle-class…

Those differentiations are notably due to the way states attempt to regulate migration. This has implications for the presence of each foreign national.

In local contexts this matters to how diversity is experienced and how it dynamically changes.

The BIG question

With STATUS DIVERSITY we aim to make sense of:

How, when and with what consequences differences linked to who is able to move under what conditions matter?

Especially we want to know how this all matters in cities – in large ones as well as smaller cities. Over the coming years we will work on a number of different projects to gather and analyse data thus moving closer to a better understanding of STATUS DIVERSITY.

100 Status Stories

We will use novel methods to get straight to the complexities of our research topic. We also want to talk to many different actors who can comment on how status differentiations matter. With one of the planned projects we will collect 100 STATUS STORIES. Each story will be about moving, staying in (or out of) status. Most noteworthy each story will also highlight links to experiences of space and diversity. Let us stop mapping diversity by only looking at where people come from! Let us in addition map the complexities of diversity!

Do you have an interesting STATUS STORY? CONTACT us! Near or far, we want to hear your story!

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